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November 10, 2013

Tommy Climer and Ronnie Manning conquered a post frontal and recently turned over Lake Palestine to win the club championship.  They made up a 7 lb deficit from day one to take the win with a two day total of 24.62 lbs. Jerry Brown and David Simmons finished 2nd with 19.20 lbs and won Big Bass on day one with a 5.14 lb fish. Evan Vidal and Eric Vidal had a nice sack over 14 lbs on day two to make a substantial move and finish 3rd with 18.87 lbs. Their day 2 bag was anchored by a 6.10 fish that I’m sure with the conditions they thought was good for day two Big Bass. Tony Schnurr and Jay Messersmith came in fourth with 16.92 lbs. Preston Smith and David Horton finished the year up strong and came in fifth. Preston and David had won two tournaments late in the season and Preston won the last tournament of the year with new member Brandon Amos. Nice season guys. Vince Burt and Mark Werner finished in 6th place with 15 and some change. The last check went to Kenny and Howard Bunch who weighed in one fish on Sunday. That one fish happened to be a good one, it went 7.34 lbs and it was also the Big Bass of our tournament. They finished with 11.74 lbs over the two days.

Thanks to the folks at Lake Palestine Resort for the accommodations. The food was outstanding and it was very convenient to stay and launch from the same site. We had 21 boats fish the championship and we paid 7 spots. Congrats to all the guys that cashed checks. Thanks to everyone that came out.


October 12, 2013

Preston Smith and Brandon Amos (new member that joined Thursday night) bested 16 teams to win with 14.70 lbs. This is Preston’s 3rd win this year and has won 3 of the last 4 tournaments.  I’d say he’s in the groove.  Nice job guys and welcome to the club Brandon!

David Taylor and Shawn Garber were 2nd with 13.20 lbs.  Jerry Brown wants to apologize to everyone in the club for waking Vince and Mark up right before the championship! They finished 3rd today after Jerry poked a little fun at them this morning with 13.14 lbs.  Jake and Wayne Baker finished fourth and took the last check with 11.43 lbs. Big bass of the day was Jeff Cartwright’s 5.16 lber. Nice job Jeff! Congrats to everyone that came out.


September 14, 2013

Preston Smith and David Horton showed their winning form, yet again by taking first place at Cedar Creek with 11.60 lbs and the only limit brought to the scales.  Cedar Creek proved extremely tough as seventeen teams took to the water and only 31 fish were weighed in.  Dennis and Damon Machost tightened their hold on the Anger of the Year competition by finishing second with three fish for 10.85 lbs.  Third place went to Jake and Wayne Baker with only two fish but a nice 7.37 fat girl.  Jack and Fly Scheel continued their strong showing for the year with 8.71 lbs for fourth place.  Congratulations to all of the winners and to everyone who came out.


August 10, 2013

On another hot day in North Texas, Jay Messersmith and Tony Schnurr bested a field of 28 boats with a hard earned 12.89 lb bag anchored by a 4.84 lber.  Narrowly missing the top check and finishing second were George Dorman and James Franklin with a 12.56 lb bag.  Third place went to Jeff Cartwright and Mitchell Bailey with 11.77 lbs.  Big bass of the day went to Tony Climer with a nice 6.52 lb fat girl.  This tournament could have been named “The One That Got Away” as several teams reported loosing fish that would have gotten them a check.  Overall, it was a tough day for keepers.  A big thank you to all of the fishermen who came out and made this event another success. 


July 13, 2013

On a hot and breezy day in North Texas, Preston Smith and David Horton bested a field of 26 boats with a 19.98 lb bag anchored by a 5.62 lb big bass.  Second place went to Troy Thomas and Shane Henderson with a nice 15.99 lb bag as they edged out 3rd place Mark Werner & Vince Burt who had 15.88 lbs anchored by a nice 7.99 fat girl.  Fourth place went to Tommy Climer and Ronnie Manning with a 14.91 lb bag.  With only six limits, the general consensus was that Lavon was much tougher than last year in August.  Congratulations to all of the winners and to everyone who came out.