Rules / By-Laws / Payouts

Ray Hubbard Bass Club


rev. 11/18/2017

Section 1 – Name-The name of the organization shall be the ‘Ray Hubbard Bass Club’

Section 2 – Objective To promote conservation and to improve the fishing skills of its membership through the fellowship of friendly exchange of bass fishing techniques and ideas, and to promote and encourage young fishermen to become involved in the sport of tournament fishing.

Section 3 – MeetingsThe regular meeting of this organization shall be held monthly at such time and place as the membership shall designate and for the conduct of the Club’s regular business until changed by the membership. The meeting time shall be at 7 P.M. on the Thursday before the second Saturday of each calendar month at a place to be announced to each member with sufficient prior notice to be reasonable. The Officers or the Board of Directors may call special meetings at any time.

Section 4 – Order of BusinessThe order of business for each membership meeting of the Ray Hubbard Bass Club shall be as follows: (a) President calls the meeting to order. (b) Reports of Officers, including Secretary/Treasurer, and Tournament Director’s report. (c) Special Announcements (guest speakers, area tournament news, and other relevant items of interest) (d) New Business (new members, suggestions or voting on by-law adjustments) (e) Old Business (review of pending issues from prior Club meeting) (f) Raffle & Door prizes (g) Close.

Section 5 – Membership Membership in the Ray Hubbard Bass Club shall be open to any person who is in good standing in the community.  Membership shall start upon payment of dues and recommendation by a member in good standing with approval by the membership at a regular meeting.  Membership in the organization shall be limited to 150 voting members.  Members will be required to fill out an information sheet to include name, phone number and e-mail address for Club communication needs.  Membership in the Ray Hubbard Bass Club is contingent upon full payment of the required dues in an amount established by the membership. Until changed by a majority vote of the membership, dues shall $30.00 per member per Club year and shall include immediate family members. Dues shall be non-refundable. ” Family” membership shall be for immediate family only (parents, spouse, children and siblings). All annual Club dues must be paid prior to tournament entry deadline.  Membership in the Club entitles each individual or family member one vote in the business of the Club.  Upon appropriate recommendation by the club officers, a member may be removed from the role for any of the following reasons: (a) Failure to comply with the civil and criminal laws of our state and federal government (b) Failure to conduct one self in morally ethical pursuits. (c) Any action, which would reflect dishonor or disgrace upon the Ray Hubbard Bass Club or its members.

Section 6 – Voting-Each eligible voting member of the Ray Hubbard Bass Club shall be entitled to one vote on each matter of business, which may be introduced at any meeting of the Club. Voting on elections of Officers and Directors shall be by nomination and seconded and voting will be by voice or show of hands. A simple majority shall be required for approval of any issue before the membership unless otherwise specified in these By-Laws. Votes shall not be cumulative or by proxy. The November meeting is the only month members may make motions and vote on those same motions to amend the Club’s By-Laws to be put into full effect the following year.

Section 7 – Club Year-The Club ‘Tournament’ year shall be designated as the period from January 1st thru December 30th. The point system will run in conjunction with the Club year.


Section 1 – Board-The Officers and Directors of the Ray Hubbard Bass Club shall make up the Board of Directors. Inclusive of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster and Tournament Director(s).

Section 2 – Term-All Officers and Directors of the Club shall be elected annually by the voting membership as specified by the by-laws. The Officers shall hold office for the term of one year or until the successors is duly elected. Officers will be members of the Board of Directors and the Tournament Committee; the President shall act as Chairman of the Board. Eligibility for Holding Office To be eligible for an officer, a member must: (a) been a member for six months. (b) Have attended at least 3/4 of Chapter meetings and 3/4 of Chapter functions. (c) Have shown an active interest in all Chapter functions.

Section 3 – President-It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the membership and Directors and to see that the Club carries out all directives and resolutions of the Board. The President may be a member of any appointed committee. He shall likewise perform all such duties as may properly and ordinarily relate to his office.

Section 4 – Vice-President-The Vice-President shall during the absence of the President render and perform all his duties and exercise his powers as set forth in these by-laws. He shall be subject to all the responsibility hereby given or imposed upon the President. He shall perform all such duties as may properly and ordinarily be related to such office as may be designated to him from time to time by the Board of Directors. The Vice-President shall also be Program Chairman and be responsible for the Club meeting program.

Section 5 – Secretary –It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep current record of all business meetings of the membership, and at their option, the Board of Directors meetings, and to keep a record of all membership cards issued, and to certify voter eligibility, and to perform all such duties as may properly and ordinarily relate to such office, or be delegated to him or her, by the Board of Directors.

Section 6 Treasurer-The duties of the Treasurer shall be to keep a complete statement and account of all disbursements made by him of club assets. He shall render a statement of condition of the finances of the Club at each regular meeting of the Board and membership and at such other times of his term of office. He shall keep for the Club correct books of accounts of all its business transactions and such books as may be required, including an account of such sundry possessions of the Club as patches, decals, apparel, and other tangible property, and shall have custody of such property.

Section 7 – Social Media Director-The duties of the Social Media Director shall be to maintain the Facebook and Twitter accounts and collect any and all information from the other officers or members for posting. Post the tournament results and photographs and news and events for members and followers to see.

Section 8 – DirectorsBoard of Directors composed of voting Officers to include the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster, and Tournament Director/Directors, shall manage the affairs of the Club.

Section 9 – Meetings-The regular meetings of the Board will be held monthly at a time and place set by the Board prior to the regular monthly Club meeting. Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President at any time and may be called upon request of any two Directors. The Board may request the attendance of any officer, committee member, or other member at their meetings.

Section 10 – Vacancy-The Board shall fill any vacancy in any office without undue delay at the regular meeting or at a meeting especially called for that purpose. In the case of prolonged absence of three consecutive meetings of any Officer of the Club, or any reason the Board deems sufficient, the Board may delegate the duties of such office to any other Officer or Director for the duration of that term, provided a majority of the entire Board concurs (unless otherwise provided in the by-laws).


Section 1 – Tournament Director and Co-Tournament DirectorIt shall be the duty of the Tournament Director to: ” Implement the provisions of these by-laws, which pertain to the planning, and conducting of the Club’s tournaments. ” Act as the presiding tournament official and may act as a judge or delegate that responsibility. Submit the tournament results after each tournament to the Webmaster and the Webmaster shall maintain the cumulative tournament record and point standings.  Perform all other duties as may properly and ordinarily relate to such-office and as may be delegated to him by the Board of Directors. Properly secure the tournament prizes and distribute at the end of each tournament. Along with the Tournament Committee (Officers of the Club), shall make all decisions necessary and fitting to carry out the Club’s regular fishing tournaments.

Section 2 – Budget and Schedule-Each tournament shall be budgeted and scheduled subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. The Club through selection and approval will determine the tournament schedule by Club vote. The regular Club tournament will be held once a month following the regular meeting. Tournament fees will be $60.00 per team/boat. The break down of the $60.00 fee is as follows; $35.00 for tournament payout, $10.00 for Big Bass payout, $10.00 to Championship fund, and $5.00 to the Club fund. The Tournament Fee shall be subject to change and approved on a yearly basis by Club vote.

Section 3 – Payouts – Payouts to be presented for each tournament shall be determined by the Tournament Director (or Tournament Committee member) after the tournament, consistent with the payout amounts set forth. All payouts will be awarded immediately following the tournament. There will be one big bass award per tournament no matter how many boats have entered

Section 4 – Safety & Conduct-Each member participating in a meeting or a club tournament shall conduct himself in a safe, courteous, and sportsman-like manner. These provisions shall be treated in the same manner as disputes as provided for in the By-Laws in Article 3, Section 6.

Section 5 – Eligibility to Participate-Any member in good standing of the Ray Hubbard Bass Club may fish in any tournament upon payment of the proper entry fee and submission of a signed liability release form. A non- member may fish in one tournament per calendar year as a guest of a member in good standing. This same non-member may not fish as a guest of another member in the same Club tournament year.  Non-members must fish in the same boat with the inviting member of the Club.  Two non-members are not allowed to fish from the same boat.  Non-members must pay the proper entry fee in order to participate in any Ray Hubbard Bass Club tournament.  A member may fish with a maximum of 2 different guests per year as long as they meet all ‘eligibility to participate’ requirements. To qualify for the Club Championship each team must physically participate in 5 (five) of 9 (nine) regular season tournaments. No buy-ins will be allowed for any tournament. The set number of tournaments shall be approved by Club for each season and can be modified with the Club’s approval in the event of cancellations for that season.

Article 3-Section 5 cont’d

In addition to the set number of tournaments, members must participate in at least 1 community event to be determined by the Club to qualify for both Angler of the Year and the Club Championship.

No AOY points will be awarded for the RHBC Open Tournament or the Club Championship.

The Club can fish the same lake/lakes for the Club Championship that were fished during the regular season

Top 6 Participation: The Club will send two teams of three boats to the annual Top 6 tournament. “Team 1” will consist of the top six points earners individual or team that will fill a three boat team. The Club will pay the entry fee and one night hotel stay for Team 1. “Team 2” will consist of the next 6 points earners individual or team in the standings. Team 2 will pay the entry fee and all other expenses accrued for the Top Six. Any money or prizes won by Top 6 participants are theirs to keep. The determination of Top 6 participants will be made after the July Tournament. If any qualified members choose not with to participate, the next qualified individual or team will be invited until the teams are full.

Article 3-Section 6 – Protests

If a legally participating member of the Club witnesses what he/she perceives to be a violation of the rules, they have up to 15 minutes after weigh in has concluded to file a protest. That person will be interviewed by a panel of Club Officers including all Tournament Directors and other Club Officers that are present, unless one of those Officers is either the member protesting, or the member being protested. After the protesting member has given their statement, the panel will interview the member being protested. After hearing both sides of the protest, the panel will convene and make a ruling. All rulings are final. If a protest is not filed within 15 minutes of the end of weigh in, the matter will not be considered.

Article 3-Section 7 – Tournament Start Time

All Tournament start times will be decided by what is deemed to be Civil Twilight (first light). That time will be rounded up to the nearest 5 or 0. The Club will vote on end time (lines out) at the meeting the month before.

Article 3-Section 8 – Live Well Checks

When registering, all participants will be subject to a live well check by a Tournament Director. When completed, the Tournament Director will attach a piece of colored ribbon to the trolling motor shaft to signify the boat has been checked and is legal for participation. The ribbon shall remain on the trolling motor for the duration of the tournament

Article 3-Section 9 – On The Water

All bridges no matter if they are marked or not, are considered No Wake zones. All members must idle under bridges. If there are buoys out marking the area, you must idle until through the buoyed area before running on plane.

No boat may fish within 25 yards of another participating boat, unless members agree among the participating teams that it is allowed.

All buoyed off areas marked Keep Out or No Fishing must be obeyed. If there are Keep Out buoys, the members boat MAY NOT cross those buoys. They may however cast in to the area.

Lifejackets must be worn at all times when the combustion motor is running and in gear. The driver MUST have the kill switch engaged.

No alcohol or illegal drugs may be used at any time during tournament hours

Article 3-Section 10 – Registration and Weigh In

A Tournament Director or Club Officer will begin registration for tournament participants one hour before first cast at the area designated by the Club. At that time entry fee will be paid, and a numbered chip handed out. The member may then launch the boat or trailer to another ramp, launch, and proceed to their starting spot. No cast will be made until the deemed starting time. If a member wishing to participate is running late, they must contact the Tournament Director to make arrangements to get that member paid and checked in. This is at the discretion of the Tournament Director. It is the member’s responsibility to follow all directions given to legally participate. Lines must be out of the water at the end time agreed to by the Club. Teams then have 30 minutes from that time to get back to the area where weigh in will be conducted and put their numbered chip on the board. If the chip is NOT on the board by the assigned time, the Tournament Directors will remove the board and member’s arriving late will have to turn the chip in directly to them. Members will be penalized 1 pound for every minute they are late, up to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes their catch will be considered a zero for the day.